The Genesis Vision

In October of 2013 I took a plane to Tanzania. The objective is to develop a sustainable community model whose purpose is to provide opportunities to the people of Tanzania and the West through teaching and demonstrating the use of permaculture systems for creating food security and economic opportunities. Reconnecting with our extended family in Africa has been an extraordinarily fulfilling experience, to once again be able to embrace and truly love each other, we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper. This vision of truth and blessings is called the Genesis Project, creating a new beginning in the mind of man.

We have begun to touch the lives of many people and have started sharing empowering knowledge principles that benefit from an individual level to community levels and beyond. I met a blessed sequence of people that helped me on my journey from my first day in Tanzania up until today. Now just a few years later The Genesis Project has acquired several hectares of land, built two new houses, and have planted 150 fruit trees and 2600 Taro plants. We are on our way to truly creating The Garden of Eden!

Meet Angera Nilongo. She’s a 13 year old Tanzanian who is studying agriculture, perma-culture, and healthy lifestyle practices for self empowerment while teaching her family and community. She has already refined her culinary skills to not only cook healthy reduced sodium dishes, she has also started teaching her family and friends about ‘Health Consciousness’ which is a great blessing in the emerging communities in Tanzania.

698_Angera of The Genesis Project
Beyond her knowledge and age Angera is enthusiastic and active in the garden, thirsting for new knowledge and possessing a genuine heart full of compassion and driven to share regenerative truth with all who will give ear. She has been an Angel ever since she became involved in the Genesis Project and represents the first of many that we will Anoint with truth to share with the world.

698_Eternal Harvests
Here we are harvesting Organic Mchicha (Amaranth in English), these greens are ready to eat 2 weeks after planting and taste absolutely delicious! We love the freshness and satisfaction of harvesting that which we have planted. Our wells provide plenty of clean water for irrigating, drinking, cooking, and household uses. The New genesis is in Motion, truth is the force that sustains us.